Thursday, May 29, 2014


Wow, these little ones grow up fast! Seems like we were just barely putting her in a basket for pictures, and now she is on the move! Isn't she just darling?

 photo IMG_5060edit_zpsdddc9063.jpg  photo IMG_5052editcrop_zps4ec9fe06.jpg  photo IMG_5047editcrop_zps1065b4a5.jpg  photo IMG_5067edit_zps6690ee9d.jpg  photo IMG_5045edit_zpsee8ef60d.jpg  photo IMG_5096editcrop_zpse9082a6b.jpg  photo IMG_5066edit_zpsf7c02a52.jpg  photo IMG_5099edit_zps899a81c5.jpg  photo IMG_5077edit_zps81daa52f.jpg  photo IMG_5082editcrop_zpsb09c32c3.jpg  photo IMG_5086edit_zps6f685953.jpg  photo IMG_5093edit_zpsb81cf2b5.jpg  photo IMG_5125edit_zpse9117cb7.jpg  photo IMG_5130edit_zps071cd100.jpg

Monday, May 26, 2014


Sweet and beautiful...Who could ask for anything more?
 photo IMG_5236editcrop_zps6cb2562b.jpg  photo IMG_5230editcrop_zpse7d6f18b.jpg  photo IMG_5259edit_zpsdf97ffe4.jpg  photo IMG_5234edit_zpsad165f7d.jpg  photo IMG_5240edit_zpsf2dc31f8.jpg  photo IMG_5241edit_zpsd04a77e7.jpg  photo IMG_5246edit_zps3b53c6df.jpg  photo IMG_5255edit_zps46a5763a.jpg  photo IMG_5268editcrop_zps36e6ac6e.jpg  photo IMG_5269editcrop_zpsb7b92167.jpg

Saturday, May 10, 2014


I can't believe this little guy is already one! He was the best little one year old for his pictures! He was so easy and fun to photograph. I can't get over his beautiful eyes. What a cutie!
 photo IMG_4973editcrop_zps0b629c43.jpg  photo IMG_5001editcrop_zps71e52ff5.jpg  photo IMG_5014edit_zpsf4dd9d7a.jpg  photo IMG_4949edit_zps55ef4073.jpg  photo IMG_4955editcrop_zpsf909b267.jpg  photo IMG_4992edit_zps42a3af7f.jpg  photo IMG_4961edit_zpsaf0a747e.jpg  photo IMG_5000edit_zpsd58979f4.jpg  photo IMG_4967edit_zps94262392.jpg  photo IMG_5007edit_zps771867b9.jpg  photo IMG_5024edit_zps5c4ac8cb.jpg  photo IMG_4972edit_zpsbfbe1bb7.jpg  photo IMG_4977edit_zpsc4e675cf.jpg  photo IMG_4980editcrop_zps2b7c17ae.jpg  photo IMG_4999edit_zps89962726.jpg  photo IMG_4983edit_zps8ddf5fb0.jpg  photo IMG_5011edit_zpsd5ca1852.jpg  photo IMG_5020edit_zpscba4fdb4.jpg  photo IMG_5030edit_zps3939ee0a.jpg  photo IMG_5042edit_zpsace1902f.jpg

Friday, March 14, 2014

Photoshoots with Nora

I had to wait a little longer than I wanted to to take Nora's newborn pictures since her skin was so beat up. Between the bruising and the jaundice, it was hard to make her skin look ok for the photos. I was a little bummed that I couldn't get the kind of pictures I wanted with beautiful skin, but it is what it is. Some newborns are harder than others, and my own little Nora was probably the hardest one I have ever edited :)
 photo IMG_3765editlightened_zpsd1f2caa5.jpg  photo IMG_3821editlightened_zps9d64d526.jpg  photo IMG_3767editcrop_zps39d87b5b.jpg  photo IMG_3775editcrop_zpsec9431a3.jpg  photo IMG_3785editcrop_zpsed99acbd.jpg  photo IMG_3792edit_zps3249a99b.jpg  photo IMG_3797edit2_zpse565adca.jpg  photo IMG_3799edit3_zps7c52be3c.jpg  photo IMG_3807editlightened_zps8789ff4f.jpg
Hanging out in her bouncy seat. Her skin is a little edited in this pic.
 photo IMG_3831edit2_zps560194fe.jpg
Here is what her skin really looked like that day. Better than it was a week earlier, at least. This picture really doesn't do it justice though.
 photo IMG_3833_zpsa4424310.jpg
Pictures with her siblings. This is the one I used for the Christmas card. It is the ONLY picture that turned out with all four of them together.
 photo IMG_3857edit_zps0a4be949.jpg  photo IMG_3873edit_zps900231ce.jpg  photo IMG_3897edit16x20noralessred_zps397d0153.jpg  photo IMG_3903edit_zps279355a9.jpg
 photo IMG_3905edit_zps6e0e082a.jpg
With Daddy and with Mommy:
 photo IMG_3918edit_zps7619c01b.jpg  photo IMG_3921editnoralessred_zpsaa6d7438.jpg  photo IMG_3930edit_zps194583f6.jpg
I can't believe how much she has grown since then. She is the sweetest little girl!